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Security Entry Systems


At Blue Kangaroo, we take the safety of your child very seriously. We have installed state-of-the-art security systems to protect the children in our care.

When you enter the facility, you will use a touch screen computer to sign your child in or out of the building. This ensures that no unauthorized person can gain access to the facility at any time.

We have also installed “web cams” throughout the center which allow us to monitor the facility.

Sign In / Sign Out procedures


We understand that sometimes, someone other than you must pick up your child. Our formal procedures require prior authorization from you (in writing).

As a parent or guardian, you are the only person who can authorize the center to release your child to another individual. At the time of enrollment, we will ask for two other adults who are authorized to pick up your child in case of an emergency.

Blue Kangaroo Learning Center will always ask for a photo ID before releasing your child. You never have to worry about your child being released to an unauthorized individual.




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