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One of the most exciting features we offer at Blue Kangaroo is the ability of parents to check in and see how their child is doing throughout the day.


Nothing is more reassuring than to view your child playing and learning while surrounded by caring adults. Each of our classrooms is equipped with a state-of-the-art video monitoring system.


As a parent, you will be given login and password information. This allows you to sign in to our web site and view you your child throughout the day, whenever they are in the facility.


Your child also has fun knowing that at anytime, you may be peeking in! This gives you a great opportunity at home to talk about the day together.


Of course, this same technology also provides a safer and more secure environment for your child. Because the whole facility is monitored, we know what is going on in every room at all times.

We find that for many of our parents, the ability to share a part of their child’s day is priceless.

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