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Blue Kangaroo Learning Center understands that every age group has its own special requirements. That’s why we’ve developed programs and activities specific to each age group.


Your child will enjoy age-appropriate crafts, games and lesson plans that will help them learn — while having fun at the same time!


Our early childhood curriculum is based on the philosophy that children learn through hands-on experiences and cooperative play. The process of learning is more important than the end result.


Activities are designed to emphasize the experiences your child is having, rather than the results of those activities. We give your child the opportunity to experience, explore and discover at his or her own pace.


We provide activities and learning experiences specially designed for your child’s needs, abilities and developmental levels. Detailed information about the week’s activities is always posted in your child’s classroom.

At Blue Kangaroo, we will also introduce your child to the number one friend of growth — exercise! They’ll bounce from session to session, and move their small muscles in one of three age-appropriate playgrounds. These playgrounds are equipped with large play structures, tike paths, bikes and cars to ride around and a large grass area.


Rain or shine, they’ll always get the exercise they need as we also have large indoor motor-skills rooms for everyday play.

When you exercise a child’s mind and body, the result is a happy growing child.

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