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At Blue Kangaroo, our goal is to provide a nurturing, secure environment filled with warmth and encouragement — where your child can learn and develop a positive self-image.

We all know it doesn’t take much to get kids to play. The trick is to getting them to learn in the process! Teaching children at this age is not about giving directions — we just guide their exploration.

Kids are curious like cats, so we satisfy that curiosity with lots of fun and interesting things to do! We stay in small groups during all of our activities, so we can get to know each child.



We believe that each child is an individual. We are sensitive to each child’s developmental needs and strive to provide an encouraging, well-balanced environment in which the child will develop socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically.


We believe children deserve the opportunity to excel at their own pace. At Blue Kangaroo Learning Center, we will provide each child with this opportunity.


We believe in providing a safe, clean and healthy physical environment. The classroom is arranged to provide hands-on experiences that will encourage exploration, discovery and learning.


We emphasize activities — in small groups — that will develop a positive self-image.


We believe the strength of our program is based solely on the dedication and motivation of the teaching staff. We work hard to make sure every interaction with each child is a positive, developmentally appropriate experience.


We believe in a positive, active guidance approach that will enable the child to learn self-discipline and self-control. These skills are a crucial part of a child’s development, as they learn to interact with other children as well as adults.


We strive to help children gain a positive self-image and independence, while never forgetting they also need to have fun!



4820 Summit Ridge Drive

Reno, NV 89523


Phone: 775-351-2583

Fax: 775-747-7100


What makes Blue Kangaroo different from other learning facilities?

Our experienced, caring staff is one of the big differences. Every teacher and assistant at Blue Kangaroo is dedicated to your child’s health and their ability to learn and grow as an individual. More importantly is our staff’s desire to have your child feel nurtured and cared for.

Will my child receive individual attention?

All activities at Blue Kangaroo are conducted in small groups. By keeping the groups small, our teachers are able to get to know each child, providing encouragement and guidance on an individual basis.

How safe is my child at Blue Kangaroo?

We have strict procedures in place for providing a secure environment for your child. All parents are given an access code, which they enter into a keypad at the front door. There is no access by the public to the rear doors.

What if there is an emergency and I can't pick up my child?

At the time of enrollment, we ask you for the names of two adults who have permission to pick up your child. You may also authorize another individual to pick up your child, but we must have written permission from you. We always verify by asking for a photo ID.

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